Welcome to Petty Cash Racing!

Howdy there, thanks for stopping by. We’re the idiots who decided it would be a good idea to take a $200, 200k mile, 23 year old SUV and convert into an endurance racer to compete against sports car on road courses. If you’ve been following our exploits since the team’s inception in 2009, then thank you for not laughing too loudly. If this is your first exposure to our antics, try to keep your chuckling to a dull roar until you’ve seen the depths of our insanity…then giggle ’til you’re blue in the face and pass out. Hopefully you’ll hit your head and decide to go LeMons racing, like us.

You can also follow the team’s hijinks on Facebook (facebook.com/teampettycash), our Youtube channel (youtube.com/teampettycash), and even almost our never-updated webpage (pettycashracing.com). Just think of all the web-stalking you’ll be able to do now! So with introductions out of the way, we’re going to just jump right into things and pretend like we’ve been doing this all along. Thanks for checking us out, hope you enjoy.

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