Project Widebody XJ- Part 2

At our last event at Reno-Fernley Raceway, we were informed by John Pagel of Evil Genius Racing (and the Chief Tech guy for LeMons) that our wheels and tires stuck out too far from our fenders. I could see what he meant, the Jeep did sort have a 1920s roller skate stance, and I recognize that if somebody was dumb enough to run into us and lock tires, it could end badly. John told us that we could race at Reno, but we’d have to address it before our next race. One option would be to get different offset wheels, but we had JUST gotten this new set of 17″ Racelines to fit our Falkens. We discussed running big offroad fender flares, but that would have looked quite out of place with our 26″ tall tires. Here’s what we ended up with:

And here’s how we did it:

First step was to pull the curtain back and see what we were dealing with. The Jeep being of unibody construction, our options were limited; the most attractive option was simply to bump out the stock fenders by three inches on both sides. We retained the stock mounting points so that the entire fender could be removed should we need to replace them down the road.

We made a stop by a local Jeep Junkyard ( and picked up some new fenders and some other little parts that we’d need. George and Diana were nice enough to donate the parts to the team and, as always I found myself poking around their amazing collection of rare Jeeps:

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